My name is Michael Woodman and I live and work as a professional artist in the County of Cornwall, England.
My work is inspired by the Cornish countryside and coastline where I have been painting for over thirty years, selling in local galleries. I trained as a technical illustrator but found my love in more traditional styles of fine art and love to sketch and paint outside, and work in my garden studio.
For me, painting is a process that constantly evolves, making art fresh and exciting. I love the creative element and always look forward to the way it changes with the limitless possibilities of portraying a scene. My desire is to capture the atmosphere I see and feel, so a camera and sketchbook are essential tools when out and about, and like many other artists I am particularly inspired by our coastline, countryside and moorland here in Cornwall. I work mainly from my home studio where I use a selection of resources to complete paintings. I surround myself with outdoor sketches, older paintings, photographs and some favourite art books to inspire. But I also like to venture out into the wilds as much as possible to experience painting directly from a scene. Studying a seascape or landscape in its natural surroundings is an important element to working and always adds a liveliness and spontaneity to painting. Colours are vivid and can dramatically change over an hour or two bringing a challenge to capture the moment, a much needed skill compared to working in a warm cosy studio with a cup of tea! Over the past thirty years or so, I have greatly enjoyed the journey of painting and look forward to the next thirty!
After studying Technical Illustration and Illustration at the Falmouth School of Art and Design, I worked for various companies as a freelance technical artist. From 2003-2009 I was commissioned by Cornish Traditional Cottages to produce architectural watercolours for their annual brochure. I now work full time from home as a Technical Illustrator and Artist. My work has been displayed at Gribbin Gallery Polkerris, Veryan Gallery and Mid Cornwall Galleries. I am also married with three boys (that keep me very busy) and live in St Austell. I also enjoy surfing, fishing and writing the odd song with my musical instruments when the weather permits and time allows!